Special offers

Upper eyelids lifting – only 690 euro.

Love spreads through the eyes. It is really true – at first we usually fall in love with the eyes... A beautiful sight is always important, no matter what age or gender a person is. Sometimes it's difficult to see the beauty because of the eyelids. For ones, they change with age, for others they are simply bigger. However, this can be changed with a plastic surgery. If you have a dream to release your sight - we invite you to fulfill it! On 6th and 20th September, our clinic will have a “Day of the eyelids”- all patients who come to us will pay only 690,-eur for the plastic surgery. In addition, every patient will receive a 10 percent discount for beauty injections.


 * Surgery of upper eyelids with doctor's advice, local anesthesia, postoperative visits and all necessary medical equipment cost 690,-eur. The usual price is 850,-eur. The offer is valid for plastic and reconstructive surgery surgeons Giedrė Stundžaitė - Baršauskienė and Renaldas Vaičiūnas.


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